Dec 2012



Advances in Free Flow Electrophorsis since 35 years

 About FFE Service GmbH

The mission of the FFE Service GmbH is the development and advancement of Free Flow Electrophoresis (FFE) and its application in research of biopolymers and bioparticles, with the focus in the field of protein research.

The simultanous activity in development, engineering, production, service and sales of  FFE-instruments will ensure the successful implementation of this high performance separation technique in universities, research centres and industry

The know how about the application of FFE is offered within cooperations with scientific groups of universities, scientific research centres and industry.

Work on contract is also offered for dedicated applications of FFE.

 Powering Proteomics

Effective proteomic research demands high throughput, reproducibility and outstanding sensitivity. The FFE system offers a unique combination of performance and revolutionary technology to transform the quality, speed and ease of execution of all your laboratory’s proteomic procedures, scientific data handling and analysis.

Giving you the edge in reducing the complexity of your sample. The system allows extremely fast, continuous electrophoretic separation (yielding up to 96 fractions) for the total analysis of charged particle solutions. Experiments can be performed under both native and denaturing conditions offering flexibility across a wide range of applications.

Matrix-free separation. The FFE system performs electrophoresis in solution without the usual solid polyacrylamide matrix. Advanced patented technology enables exceptional protein recovery even at very low concentrations, giving you a competitive edge with outstanding accuracy, reproducibility and throughput.

Ease of use. For maximum performance, the FFE system is supplied with proprietary reagents and validated protocols for Isoelectric Focusing that may be adapted for use across a wide range of applications. Further protocols for Zone Electrophoresis and Iso-Tachophoresis are possible, too. A user-friendly Microchip controlled instrument panel allows complete instrument control of all parameters.


 High Efficient Separation

The FFE System will enhance your proteomic research and provide new opportunities for protein characterization. Realize the benefits of dramatically enhanced accuracy and sensitivity, allowing separation of target proteins more effectively than ever before.

Separate proteins of interest even when target samples are at low concentrations and masked by other components in the sample mixture. Purification of functional protein complexes under native electrophoretic conditions can also be achieved to help establish new dynamic protein interactions within these complexes.