Dec 2012



Advances in Free Flow Electrophorsis since 35 years

    Application notes

Prefractionation of E. coli lysates by free-flow electrophoresis for subsequent analysis by two-dimensional electrophoresis

Guideline for the enrichment of proteins from FFE-fractions

Separation of a protein mixture by free-flow electrophoresis with special focus on the day-to-day reproducibility

Native FFE Fractionation of human serum

Fractionation of Saccharomyces cervisiae proteins in 8M urea by isoelectric focusing free-flow electrophoresis

Isolation of peroxisome subpopulations from rat liver by immune free-flow electrophoresis

Fractionation of human serum proteins by free-flow electrophoresis: Workday-stability of the fractionation pattern

Combination of ProMetHEUS™ FFE with SDS-PAGE for the twodimensional separation of mitochondrial membrane proteins

Product description / Flyer

Poster: Quantitative Fractionation and Separation of HUMAN PLASMA by FFE as a First Step Reduces the Complexity and Leads Reproducible to Low Abundant Proteins