Dec 2012



Advances in Free Flow Electrophorsis since 35 years

 Free Flow Electrophoresis Systems:

 FFE Suite:

  FFE enhanced
(for semi automated operation)

  • documentation of process
  • platform for all FFE-protocols
  • different separation chambers (optional)
  • installation and training: at customer site
  • after sales training courses

 Fully automated FFE  enhanced
 (for automated operation)

  • fully automatic operation for overnight runs of different samples
  • documentation and control of series of experiments,
  • on line assistance upon request
  • installation and training: at customer site
  • after sales training courses

  Upgrade kits for existing instruments

the upgrade kit enables new applications and significantly increases throughput and resolution of the FFE system. All instruments sold from  2004 can be upgraded to the current technology.

The basic upgrade contains:

  • Modification of the top and cooling plate:
    • new wall material to enable up to four days of continuous operation
    • new spacer for a gap size of 0.15 mm for highest resolution separations
      increased fieldstrength of up to 800V/cm for high throughput separations
  • Modification of the electrode buffer circuit:
    • new pump system for improved and silent operation
  • Installation and training at customer site and access to the latest protocols
  • after sales training courses

The premium upgrade contains:

  • all modifications above
  • robotic platform to automate the FFE system which allows:
    • unattended operation
    • automated quality control
    • automated sample processing of up to 16 different samples in standard configuration
    • automated sample collection and change of microtiter plates
    • automated exchange of running buffers for different protocols
    • automated cleaning procedures
    • software control via PC

 Comparison table between current FFE and upgraded FFE systems


Current FFE Systems

Advanced FFE Systems

Dimensions of the separation chamber

500 mm x 100 mm x 0.4 mm

500 mm x 100 mm x 0.2 mm
500 mm x 50 mm x 0.15 mm

Chamber volume

20 ml

10 ml   down to 3.75 ml

Maximum fiel strength

200 V/cm

800 V/cm

transit time

20 Minutes

down to 1 Minute

Time of continuous operation

max 12 hours

up to 96 hours

 Key features:


    • Matrix-free fractionation 
    • High sample recovery
    • High resolution of fractionation
    • Fast fractionations
    • Continuous application of samples
    • Special protocols for high sample throughput (up to 50 ml/h)
    • Preparative as well as analytical operation modes
    • High reproducibility of individual runs
    • Can be run under native or denaturing conditions
    • Adjustable to a huge variety of fractionation tasks
    • Variable modes of fractionation (n=14, 28, 42 up to 70)
    • Compatible with other downstream separation techniques, e.g. HPLC, MS, SDS-, IEF- and 2D-GE


 Main Operating Modes:

Isoelectric Focusing

Focusing separation of species in an inhomogeneous medium (pH-gradient) according to their isoelectric points (pI).  

Zone Electrophoresis

Non-focusing separation of species in a homogeneous medium according to their net charge density.  


separation of analytes in an conductivity- step-gradient according to their electrophoretic mobility.

 FFE robotic system

  Automation for FFE systems

  • automated operation of single experiments for interval mode and continuous mode
  • automated handling of up to three MTPs
  • software control of the FFE instrument and robotic system
  • enables reproducible interval runs
  • facilitates experiments and handling
  • compatible with new FFE systems and with instruments of the Prometheus and BD line